Make yourself at home.

Make yourself at home. 

Grab a cup of coffee, with a flavored creamer if you like. Now, sit down and get comfortable. We want to tell you a little about ourselves. The sign at the street should really read, "The meeting place of Evergreen Community Church." Why? Well, the building really is not the church, it's just the place where we gather. We are the church, young and old together. Young marrieds, grandparents, babies (we love babies!). It's one big "God-brought-us-together" family! And while our backgrounds are filled with many different stories, we find our common bond in one place: the Lord Jesus Christ. He is what we're all about. First. Foremost.

Bible Studies

Ladies’ Bible Study is meeting every Friday morning at 10 am. Men’s Bible Study begins in November. 

Awana Kid's Club

Awana resumes October 23 at 6:30 pm!


We are not a body that favors having lots of programs, but we do believe it is important to honor the Lord’s leading to fellowship with each other!

Fellowship with us...

Sunday Services

Join us for worship, fellowship, and teaching from God's Word, 10 am - about 12 pm. 


Current operating hours are 9 am - 12 pm on Wednesdays.